Aiming at new organic market development

The 17th International ORGANIC EXPO 2018 is an international exhibition specializing in organic market aiming the expansion of B to B business as well as raising awareness about organic itself.
The word “organic” is now everywhere--- in department stores, specialty stores and online shops, in response to the growing demand from consumers.
Various organic products not only food and fresh produce but also clothes, cosmetics and miscellaneous goods are already becoming something necessary to a modern lifestyle.
International ORGANIC EXPO provides you a right understanding to organic products regardless of whether you are a buyer or a consumer. Product display and seminars are conducted in the aim of promoting and supporting the certification system acquisition such as organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards for organic foods). On the other hand, we will have various projects to spread knowledge of “organic” as enlightenment activities to consumers are indispensable for market expansion of the base.
Consider exhibiting at International ORGANIC EXPO 2018 and utilize it as a place of promotion of your products by all means.


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